AL-AHAD Group members is a service driven energy, general trading, ICT, data communication & fibre-optic cabling company based in UAE, Nigeria, and USA with a commitment to provide clients with state-of-the-art business & consultancy services, ICT cabling solutions and designs to meet the high demands of the multi-vender data equipment environment.

AL-AHAD is a solid organization with resources and project management expertise to deliver leading edge, turnkey solutions to our customers needs efficiently and cost effectively. We strive to provide our clients with the latest technologies available, dedicated to creating win-win partnerships through value creation and communication.

Our achievement is based on our continuous improvement in performance of our operations to reflect evolving customer expectations, management practices, industry knowledge and technology.

Our highly trained staff brings together experience-based engineering aspects with good technical practices that promote a work ethic of the highest standard with comprehensive product range that is suitable for fiber optic networks in the telecommunications, IT premises, data centers, security, utility, oil & gas sector, broadcast, defense and government customers and industrial markets. With a combined team of experienced managers, engineers and personnel, we are fully equipped to undertake all kinds of communications and power installation projects.

Typical installation sites include businesses, oil & gas, commerce, defense, governments, health care, hospitals, industrial sites, offices, and schools. We can offer our services for over head line and under ground cabling in power sector also.

As a means of giving back to the society, we have also embarked on the noble act of providing humanitarian aid and charity services.



Information and Communication Technology services, including the following network services:

OHL, OPGW, underground cabling, HDPE duct installation, PVC duct installation,CCTV, manhole installation, cable trenching, telecom infrastructure and civil works.
Optical fiber cable, power cables, control cables and telecom cables installation, Fibre Optics network designing, planning, Splicing, Testing, documentation and commissioning.
Fibre-optic cable fusion
Splicing data cable termination

Business (International and Local)

Energy (Crude Oil, Gas, Petroleum Products) trading
General Trading and Brokerage

Management and Consultancy Services


Humanitarian Aid and Charity Services